Case Study – Time-Sensitive Property Purchase Completed on Time

Walker Foster’s Residential Property team helped a family complete the purchase of a new home to better support the needs of their child. The purchase needed to be completed by a certain date to ensure their child could enrol in his new school, and Walker Foster made sure this was achieved, despite various challenges.

The Challenges

Walker Foster acted on behalf of Mr and Mrs L, a couple relocating to Ripon from Shipley with their son, who has complex educational needs. The move was motivated by their son’s acceptance into a specialised SEN school capable of meeting his unique educational requirements.

The family was under a strict deadline to complete the purchase of their new home to facilitate their son's seamless transition to the new school environment before the start of the September term. Because of the local authority's processing times for their son's Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP), their presence in North Yorkshire was necessary to secure a school place, so the family decided to proceed with the purchase of this property before their current home had sold, to be able to relocate as swiftly as possible.

The urgency of the family's situation was compounded by several factors:

  • The property they intended to purchase featured an air source heat pump installed under the domestic renewal heat incentive, creating uncertainty about ownership and payment for this equipment.
  • Upon review, it was discovered that the property's title deeds included an incorrectly registered document.
  • The title deeds made reference to a management company that was no longer in existence, resulting in ambiguity about whether the family would be responsible for maintenance costs for two ponds in the village that were previously maintained by this defunct company.

How Walker Foster Helped

Recognising the time-sensitive and stressful nature of the relocation, Walker Foster prioritised the efficient opening of the case file and prompt, proactive action on all correspondence. Through early communication with the seller’s solicitors, we swiftly addressed and resolved the issues encountered during the transaction:

  • We obtained the rules of the domestic renewal heat incentive scheme, and clarified how payments were calculated and what was required to transfer the ownership into the name of the clients following completion.
  • We contacted the Land Registry to correct the erroneous document within the title deeds.
  • We were able to establish who was now responsible for their maintenance and upkeep of the ponds, helping to avoid any potential unforeseen costs for the family.

Our commitment to keeping Mr and Mrs L fully informed at every stage of the process was instrumental in alleviating their anxieties, ensuring they were aware of progress and any developments.

The Outcome

With Walker Foster’s support, the property purchase was completed in mid-August, aligning perfectly with the family's expectations and timelines. Their satisfaction with the seamless process and outcome was reflected in a positive review praising our residential conveyancing solicitor Mariette Marren for her responsiveness and support throughout this pivotal transition:

“If you're seeking a conveyancing solicitor who is not only highly skilled, but also genuinely cares about your needs, I would wholeheartedly recommend Mariette Marren and Walker Foster.

“Mariette's professionalism and communication skills have been exemplary. No matter how tricky the issues that cropped up during our purchase, Mariette handled them promptly and ensured we were always kept well-informed. We never felt out of the loop thanks to her clear updates. On a personal note, her calm and friendly nature made the whole process so much easier. She was unceasingly clear, kind and approachable, answering our questions and keeping us updated.

“We are incredibly grateful for Mariette's outstanding work and that of the whole team. We would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone in need of conveyancing services. Thank you, Mariette, for making our house purchase journey a smooth and positive one!”

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