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The value of a good divorce solicitor

Separation and divorce is a difficult time for any family and therefore choosing the right Divorce solicitor is crucial.

A good divorce solicitor will help you to unravel the legal ties of your marriage, build a co-parenting relationship if children are involved and secure your financial future.

A lack of advice and guidance at crucial stages of divorce can have serious consequences; below I provide some tips on how to pick the right solicitor for you:


A specialist divorce solicitor regularly specialises in a specific area and therefore you should look for a Family Law Solicitor.

Recommendations Try talking to friends and family who have been through a similar experience and are able to recommend a particular solicitor.

Resolution is an Association of Family Solicitors who are committed to the constructive resolution of family disputes. All Resolution members follow a Code of Practice that promotes a non-confrontational approach to family problems. If you are amicable and wish for that to be maintained during the separation and divorce, look for a Resolution solicitor.

Accreditations Law Society or Resolution accredited solicitors have achieved special recognition for their expertise in their particular areas of Law and again are an indicator of the solicitor’s capabilities.

A good divorce solicitor will usually charge a fixed fee for an initial consultation and at Walker Foster we charge £50 plus VAT. Dependent upon what stage you are at during the separation and what type of advice you require, it may be helpful for you to prepare a list of key events or dates of the marriage and a summary of the assets to your marriage; regularly Clients attend with a list of questions. You will be able to get much more from your first interview with your solicitor if you are prepared with questions. The initial interview is your opportunity to gauge whether you will be happy to instruct that solicitor to act for you. At the interview, a good quality solicitor will clearly explain your options. Regularly, it may be helpful to attend with a friend or family member as support, the solicitor will not object.

Expectations A good solicitor will ask you about your expectations. You can be frank and honest with your solicitor and it gives them a better understanding of how best to approach matters. You will discuss with the solicitor the result you are seeking and how you wish to approach each decision in the divorce process. Establishing the best form of communication for you both is key.

Staying calm and going through a divorce is a stressful experience and the emotions involved can allow for poor decisions to be made. A good solicitor will have a sympathetic ear but they are a costly way of getting emotional support; they will propose you seek counselling or support from friends to ensure your costs remain reasonable. You are looking for someone you can trust to look after your interests and give objective advice.

I do hope these tips will help you find the best adviser for you. It is a stressful and overwhelming process for many and for that reason, it is important you seek the best possible advice which begins with the right adviser.

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