Tips for separated families during school summer holidays

Tips for separated families during school summer holidays

15:14 14 June in News, Walker Foster

With the school summer holidays fast approaching, there is the potential for this to be a minefield for separated families, with children being caught in the crossfire between warring parents.  Avoid summer fun turning to misery with the following advice:-

Make your holiday plans early to avoid clashes.

Communicate with your former partner to put your children’s needs first.

Co-operate with each other and ensure clarity of arrangements, preferably in writing.

Be open and honest as to your holiday destination – provide details of flights, accommodation, contact details etc.  It provides security not only for the children but also for the other parent.

Do not ask the children to choose.  As adults you need to take the responsibility of making decisions.

Do however allow the children to express their views as to how they want to spend their summer holidays.  When you have made the decision, explain it so they know what’s going to happen.

Do make sure the children have the opportunity to spend time with their friends over the holidays.
By adopting these simple tips, your holidays will hopefully be a happy occasion for both parents and their children.

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