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Legal Hygiene (avoid the ‘dentist’)

Dentist Chair

Big scary bills come from the litigators, the fighters. They will try to mitigate your losses. The lawyer that creates value for a business is the builder. The builder is working carefully behind the scenes to protect the interests of your business and help avoid the distraction, stress and sometimes crippling financial costs of disputes.

We builders help a business function well. We are transactional not crisis lawyers and the best transactional lawyers advise on how the law can be used to grow a business. A business can make money by involving a good business lawyer because we are a strategic partner, helping to spot opportunities, avoid pitfalls and disputes.

It’s natural to assume that bad things happen to others and take a chance. If the lawyer you talk to in business is a litigator you’re trying to resolve matters in the dentist chair when a little oral hygiene could have prevented the misery.

I won’t floss your teeth (!) but I’m happy to help you avoid the metaphorical dentist chair.


An article by:

Keith Hardington.

Specialist area, Corporate & Commercial.

Walker Foster Business Team