How we can help you to keep your family disputes out of court - Walker Foster Solicitors How we can help you to keep your family disputes out of court - Walker Foster Solicitors

How we can help you to keep your family disputes out of court

In our experience, it is usually best to try and settle family disputes before they get to court. Here’s how we can help that to happen.

Any kind of family dispute is stressful. The breakdown of a relationship is a complex and sensitive situation – even more so when children are involved. The legal costs for all parties can also mount up, especially if the case ends up in court.

The British legal system is already straining under a backlog of cases. So, at Walker Foster, our approach is always to try and sort out any family dispute outside of the courts, without the need for a judge to rule on the issue. 

Support and advice from our family law experts

Of course, every case is different but we believe that it is always best to follow the advice of our approachable, expert team of family law experts first, if you can. If the matter still cannot be settled, we can refer you to expert mediators with many years of experience behind them who can help. 

Whether you are considering a divorce or a legal separation, or need support reaching a financial settlement with your ex-partner, we will do everything we can to keep the matter out of court. We also offer a fixed-fee divorce for couples who are looking for a straightforward divorce process. For financial settlements however, you will still need to get a final Court Order to prevent any  claims in the future, even if you have reached agreement.

A better way to settle

Walker Foster are also proud to be  members of Resolution. This is a community of family law professionals who have created a code of practice for our industry, with the aim of resolving family legal issues constructively.

We are also pleased to see that the Government is welcoming ideas to curb the number of private law family cases that end up in court. The Justice Secretary Dominic Raab has said that he wants mediation to be the default process in most family law disputes. This also comes on the back of the recent introduction of a voucher scheme for families, which aims to help them to resolve disputes out of court.

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This article must not be construed as legal advice. All cases are different on their facts and you should consult with us directly on your case.