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How many solicitors does it take to help a client?

The meeting was suggested by one of the solicitors with the stated intent that all four should focus on a means of resolving the dispute that had arisen between family members involving their business interests. The dispute had been running for over two years and the parties are on the cusp of issuing proceedings. Our conversation and exchange of ideas were aimed at resolution for all of those involved and more than once we mentioned that if the matter were to proceed to litigation the parties would incur enormous costs in what would be complex and lengthy litigation. The stress and potential damage to the relationships of the parties is immeasurable.
In my professional experience I have encountered many solicitors who act with integrity and who apply their skills and effort to resolve disputes in the interests of clients. This meeting was a particularly strong illustration of the opportunity solicitors have to do right and deliver real value to their clients.

Cynics suggest that solicitors take longer and spin out cases so as to charge for more hours on the hourly rate. Perhaps some do. In my experience most of us do not and the solicitors I encountered today were a credit to their profession and while standing up for their clients’ interests nevertheless refrained from unnecessarily aggressive posturing.

The result of this positive cooperation was  a potential solution that can save tens of thousands of pounds in costs for clients and many sleepless nights.

The answer in this case is 4.

Keith Hardington