‘D Day’ – A Word of Caution - Walker Foster Solicitors ‘D Day’ – A Word of Caution - Walker Foster Solicitors

‘D Day’ – A Word of Caution


The Monday of the first working week back after the New Year break is customarily known as ‘D Day’ or ‘Divorce Day’.


Our experience at Walker Foster is that January is the busiest month of the year for new enquiries, as couples decide that after a pressurised Christmas including unwanted visits from the in-laws, excess alcohol, arguments in front of the children and money issues, it is time to make changes and to call an end to their relationships.


There are invariably hyped-up media reports instilling the idea that January is the month to get divorced.  This is not always the best way forward.


Liz Hebden at Walker Foster would always encourage anyone with relationship issues to take professional advice as to the legal consequences of bringing that relationship to an end; and also to discuss other options before taking such a step.


She advises that people should not be rushed into anything, but ought to allow the post-Christmas stress to calm down to enable measured decisions to be made.  She would encourage anyone who is thinking about a separation to discuss matters with a solicitor and then to reflect on their situation before taking the matter any further.


The family team at Walker Foster is able to offer a preliminary consultation (with no time constraint) for a fixed fee of £60.00.  Sensitive and practical advice will be offered with no obligation.  If you wish to consider your options, please contact either Liz Hebden, [email protected] or Geraldine Farry [email protected] or telephone 01756 700200 to arrange a mutually convenient appointment.