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Child Contact Arrangements

This is often a contentious issue for many separated parents particularly so during holiday periods and Christmas time regardless of how long ago they separated.

Following changes in the law, parents are now required to attend mediation prior to commencing Court proceedings, but unfortunately mediation is not always successful and agreement cannot always be reached.  This is not necessarily because mediation is not a useful aid but because parents are not always aware of what matters should be considered or focused upon in order to reach an agreement that will ultimately promote a child’s welfare and ensure the specific needs of a child are met, whilst, of course, minimising the level of conflict between the parents.  It could also be the case a parents’ expectations are too high or unrealistic.

If you or anyone you know has a dispute over a child and have reached a dead end in discussions with their former partner, being informed of their legal options is the first step to reaching a solution.  The family team at Walker Foster is able to offer a preliminary consultation (with no time constraint) for a fixed fee of £60.00.  Sensitive and practical advice will be offered with no obligation.   Please contact either Liz Hebden, [email protected] or Geraldine Farry [email protected] or telephone 01756 700200 to arrange a mutually convenient appointment.