Case Study – Successful Sale of Methodist Church

Walker Foster offered legal advice and personal support to a vulnerable client responsible for the sale of a Methodist church building, demonstrating exceptional legal acumen and compassionate client care amid complex emotional and practical hurdles.

The Challenges

Client J, grappling with serious health issues and the recent loss of his wife, faced an emotionally and physically demanding situation. He was keen to complete the sale of the Methodist church - which was being sold for conversion into residential properties - within four weeks of the receipt of contracts, but his health conditions rendered him unable to oversee the project personally.

It was very important for J to complete the sale of the church within or close to the deadline so that he could move towns to be closer to his family and close this chapter of his life. He had purchased the project while his wife was still alive, meaning there was a strong emotional dimension to this process.

However, the sale was complicated by an uncooperative and unresponsive buyer and their solicitor, which led to a last-minute demand for a price reduction due to the buyer's claimed inability to meet the original asking price. J felt compelled to accept for the sake of his own health, and to keep the sales process moving forward.

How Walker Foster Helped

Understanding the sensitive nature of J's situation, Walker Foster acted swiftly, ensuring the file was opened the same day the instructions were received.

Recognising J's anxiety, Walker Foster’s business and commercial solicitor Rizzwana Bashir prioritised prompt and empathetic communication, answering all calls as soon as they came in, or on the same day, and resolving any issues or queries as quickly as possible.

While working diligently to prioritise the progression of the sale, Walker Foster’s legal team provided reassurance and worked hard to avoid any unnecessary stress for our client at all stages of the process, even when the price reduction was requested at the last minute. Additionally, Rizzwana made sure to offer support and reassurance to J over his personal concerns, ranging from his health concerns to the challenges he felt after losing his wife.

This holistic approach offered our client the reassurance and peace of mind he needed during a complex and emotionally taxing period of time.

The Outcome

Despite the challenges and setbacks, the property was successfully sold in a timeframe that closely aligned with J's wishes.The client was very happy with the way the case was handled by Walker Foster, and offered particular praise for Rizzwana for being “there for him” throughout the sale.

He expressed gratitude for having someone to speak to throughout to put his mind at ease and discuss his thoughts, and kindly provided the team with a glowing five-star Google review at the conclusion of the process.

The client said:

“The assistance given by Rizzwana Bashir and Tammy Porter was excellent; their efficient communication and empathy with difficulties made the entire process easier. Thanks to them both.”

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