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Thinking of living together?

If you are in a relationship where you are not engaged or married, then you are considered to be cohabitees.  Issues can arise either prior to living together, or on separation.  The law in this area is complex and requires careful guidance.  As more people are now living together than ever before, this may apply to you, and if you have contributed financially either prior to, or during the course of the cohabitation in unequal terms, then unless proper arrangements were agreed between you, then this can cause many difficulties in resolving the finances on separation.

Walker Foster can provide a service if you are intending to live together, to formalise the arrangements at the beginning of cohabitation and in the event of separation.  We have specialist Solicitors who could advise you on separation, as to the likely outcome, in a practical and realistic way, to minimise acrimony between parties who were once living together.  As we speak, the Government is reconsidering the status of cohabitees with a view to enhancing rights on separation and subject to the detail, with reference to parties who are married.  This will be a seachange and could have implications for many couples living together or who intend to live together.

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