Steering you through a trying time - Will Disputes | Walker Foster SolicitorsSteering you through a trying time - Will Disputes | Walker Foster Solicitors

Steering you through a trying time

Dealing with the estate of the deceased can be a complex and time-consuming process. The death of a loved one, family member or friend is an incredibly emotional and demanding time for everyone involved. This can be compounded if a dispute arises which will often result in a long-running disagreement between the parties concerned.

Problems can arise if no will is found and there is an issue as to who will deal with the estate and how it is to be distributed. The intestacy rules may be problematic for cohabitees.

Where there is a will there are often contentious issues to resolve. These can often arise where the deceased had a second family or remarried, left a close family member out of their will or left a large legacy to someone unknown to the family. A common contentious issue arises when someone financially dependent on the deceased does not receive adequate provision.

The circumstances in which the will was made may be in dispute. Did the deceased have the capacity to make the will or were they coerced into making that will? Has the will been signed and witnessed properly?

Sometimes an Executor does not act appropriately and in accordance with the will or the wishes of the deceased. In some cases, they may abuse their position. You might find you are an Executor having to handle a dispute or claims from family members.

Challenging any of these issues can be a very complex and difficult process. However, there are times when it is appropriate to do so to ensure that the distribution of the estate is fair and reasonable and to make sure beneficiaries receive the provision to which they are entitled.

At Walker Foster, we have Solicitors who are experienced in handling these disputes with the care and sensitivity that is needed to guide you through the process. Wherever possible we try to resolve the issues quickly by negotiation and in some cases mediation. If it is necessary as a last resort to involve the Courts we have a proven track record in handling cases in the robust manner that is required.

We can offer a free initial no-obligation meeting to discuss matters, advise you on the merits and discuss the various ways of funding the case.

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