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New year, new start

Christmas is a very busy time and although it is usually a time for family and celebration, it can also be very stressful for relationships under strain.  Often, it can spell the end to a troubled marriage.

There are a number of contributing factors:-
• Couples spending long periods of time together during the holidays.
• The expectation to give gifts can mean unbearable pressure and debt, with credit cards being stretched to their limit.
• The feeling of being out of control.
• Conflict with relatives and frustrations about how to divide time between families.
• Even receiving an inappropriate gift, or one with no thought behind it, can cause stress.

It is hardly surprising therefore, that Christmas is often the final straw for many marriages in trouble.

In my experience, there is a notable increase in divorce enquiries in January.  The New Year can lead to people wanting to start afresh and take stock of their lives.  If couples have been experiencing difficulties within their marriage, they may decide that a divorce is the best option.

Divorce, however, is stressful and emotions can sometimes cloud reasoning.  It is therefore strongly recommended that an expert family lawyer is consulted at the outset to provide independent advice and guidance on your legal position.

There are various options available which are designed to help people resolve matters in a calm and constructive way, away from the Court.

Family law expert, Liz Hebden, a solicitor with over 20 years experience in this field, is a member of Resolution, a collective of almost 6,000 lawyers committed to resolving issues in a non-confrontational way.

If you need guidance or advice, even if you have not made any final decisions, Liz will be pleased to see you.  Please contact her on 01756 700200 or [email protected]