More Over 60s Filing for Divorce

More Over 60s Filing for Divorce

15:31 03 October in Community, Walker Foster

Liz Hebden has experienced many older Clients seeking legal advice after becoming disillusioned with their marriages once their children have flown the nest.  Dubbed ‘grey divorce’, the trend is attributed to a number of factors including:-
• An increase in life expectancy
• Women’s increase in financial independence
• Cultural values making divorce more socially acceptable.

When older people separate, their needs may be different from younger couples, but are no less complicated.  There will usually be significant equity in property, a substantial pension entitlement, but often limited income resources / borrowing capacity.

If you are considering a divorce, we strongly advise you to contact our family law experts, Alister Keighley or Liz Hebden who will prove you with appropriate advice.

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