Meet Samantha Dixon from our Business Team - Walker Foster Solicitors Meet Samantha Dixon from our Business Team - Walker Foster Solicitors

Meet Samantha Dixon from our Business Team

After years of hard work and study, Samantha Dixon qualified as a Solicitor in March. We caught up with her to hear more about her passion for law, her journey so far, and her hopes as she enters this exciting new phase of her career.

What made you want to go into law?

I was already really interested in law from a young age. I’d always wanted to either join the police or become a lawyer. Then I watched a few TV programmes and you’d always see the lawyers in their high heels going into court and I thought that looks better than patrolling the streets! 

So, went to college and did Law, and then university and did a Masters in Law. I then started as a Legal Secretary – and will have now worked my way up to Solicitor, hopefully very soon. 

There are so many different routes into law. Why did you choose the one you did?

Having a keen interest in law from a young age, I did the Law degree straight away so I could go directly into the Legal Practice Course (LPC). A lot of people do a Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) and then the LPC. But because I’d already done a Law degree I could go straight into the LPC – for me was the quickest way to do it. 

I did my LPC part time, as I was also working full time at a law firm in Lincolnshire. I’d work 9 to 5 at the law firm and then 6 to 8 in Leeds, working on my LPC. It took me two years, because I did the LPC and also took a Masters in Business Law side-by-side. 

That practical experience really helped me with the LPC, doing it day-to-day. Often, people go to do the LPC straight from university, and have had no actual experience in a law firm. 

What has attracted you to working in the Business team?

I’ve always been interested in business. My family has owned businesses over the years, so I’ve always been interested in how they work. 

Before I went to work for a law firm I was actually a manager in hotels and restaurants and so I was interested in how they are run. I got to do the accounts and finances as part of that, so I’ve always had a keen interest in the business side of things. 

What advice would you give to anyone looking at law as a career?

Understand that it’s a long journey. You really have to persevere. There is a lot of hard work that goes into it, but it is definitely worth it at the end when you finally get there.

I’d also say try everything you can – don’t think that just because you’re interested in business you should only go into Business Law. My first job was in Criminal Law as a Legal Secretary. I soon realised that I didn’t want to go to court and deal with criminals! So try and get a variety of experience – it helps you in the long run. And enjoy it! 

What will you bring to Walker Foster in terms of the skills and the experience that you have? 

Mostly experience and a real interest in business and corporate transactions, because I haven’t only done Law – I’ve worked in businesses too. Also I’m young and have only recently come out of university, so I hope I can bring some fresh ideas as well!

As you look ahead to this next phase in your career, what excites you most about working with Walker Foster?

Walker Foster as a firm have been amazing. Everyone is friendly, welcoming and supportive. They give you the tools you need to learn, until you feel comfortable enough to do the job. 

They’ve got a big client base already and they’re growing, getting more and more offices – they really are a fantastic firm to work for. I’m just enjoying coming to work every morning and doing the work that I do.