What are the steps involved in selling a property?

  • When you confirm you would like us to act for you we will send you a letter introducing our firm and providing of our Terms of Business with a copy for you to sign and return.
  • On receipt of a signed copy of the terms of business we will ask you to complete and return the Property Information, Fittings & Contents form and any information and documentation relevant to the property.
  • Around this time or earlier we should receive the estate agent’s particulars detailing all parties to the transaction and providing name and contact details for the buyers lawyers.
  • We then prepare and send draft Contracts and your completed Property Information Form, Fittings and Contents form and other relevant documents to purchasers lawyers.
  • We receive enquiries from the purchasers lawyers regarding the property.
  • We, with you, answer those enquiries and respond with any additional information.
  • In readiness for exchange of contracts we will obtain a settlement figure for any mortgage or charges affecting the property.
  • Once the buyers and any other parties in the chain have got their information, paperwork, mortgage offers, linked sales/purchases in order and everyone has agreed a completion date:
  • We will ask you to sign the contract and Transfer Deed.
  • We then exchange Contracts. You will then be bound to sell and your buyer will be bound to buy at the terms agreed and on the completion date agreed.
  • Between exchange of contracts and completion we will prepare a completion statement and final invoice and submit these to you.
  • After completion, we repay any mortgages in your name secured upon the property.
  • We will also pay your Estate Agents and deduct our costs.

If you would like to read our detailed guide ‘ The Conveyancing Process Explained, click here: The Conveyancing Process Explained.docx

If you have lump sum as a result of the sale of a property or if you have used the capital from your sale to buy an alternative property, you should make a Will if you don’t have one in place already. Click here to read more about making a Will or get in touch with one of our Wills team.