Emergency Orders

A situation may arise when you separate from your spouse whereby you need to obtain an Emergency Injunction to protect you or your property.

Walker Foster is able to assist in obtaining a number of emergency remedies through the Courts:-

Domestic Violence Injunction

This protection can be obtained as part of Divorce Proceedings or separately. There are two types of Domestic Violence Injunction:-

  • Non-Molestation Order – This can protect a person (adult or child) from harassment, pestering, intimidation and from the threat of violence or actual violence. It can also prohibit a person from instructing someone to harass, pester, intimidate, threaten violence or commit violence.
  • Occupation Order – This relates to property and can determine who should live in a property in the short term after violence or harassment. It can exclude a person from the property or from part of it.

Property Injunction

If you believe there is a danger that your spouse is trying to get rid of or hide valuable property or money to prevent you making a claim against them, you can apply for what is known as a Freezing Order to prevent them.

If you believe that your spouse has removed assets already, you can apply for an Order to set aside the disposition which has taken place.

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