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Employment Tribunal Figures 2010-2011

While the total number of claims was in excess of 218,000 (which was an 8% fall on the previous year but 4% up on 2008/2009 figures and over twice the number of claims lodged in 1998/1999), the figures include single and multiple claims.

The largest single complaint was working time, followed by unauthorised deduction from wages, unfair dismissal (just short of 48,000 cases), breach of contract and equal pay. Unfair dismissal claims were down 17% from the previous year, as were claims for redundancy pay. Sex discrimination was the largest type of discrimination claim with over 18,000 complaints, disability discrimination complaints were numbered 7,200 and race discrimination were 5,000. Age complaints were numbered 6,800.

Tribunal workload is vastly more than it used to be and at the end of March 2011 there were 484,000 cases outstanding, which was 20% more than the previous year. Of 49,600 unfair dismissal claims, 4,200 were successful at Tribunal (which is a mere 8%), 3% having been rejected at a preliminary hearing, 10% rejected at the full hearing and 5,400 struck out otherwise. ACAS concluded settlements in over 20,000 cases and over 12,000 were withdrawn. On unfair dismissal claims the median award was £4,591 and for most discrimination jurisdictions between £5,500 – £7,000. The highest sex discrimination award was £289,167 and disability discrimination was £181,083. Costs awards were made in favour of 132 Claimants and 355 Respondents and the highest costs award was £83,000, although the median was £1,273.

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