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Mediation is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). The Courts encourage mediation and those refusing to mediate have been punished with costs consequences.

People describe ‘winners’ and ‘losers’ in litigation but many ‘winners’ are disappointed by the process and outcome of litigation. ‘Winners’ rarely recover all that is claimed, almost never recover all their financial expense and they cannot recover the time and distress of litigation. Litigation is commonly mistaken as a process of perceived justice or fairness and even a means to punish an opponent. It rarely delivers. A day in court is unlikely to deliver the satisfaction that some people seek.

Typically parties try to negotiate and that works most of the time but where it doesn’t litigation is usually a last resort. Don’t give up on tried and tested communication to resolve a matter; that is how mediation works to help to achieve resolution.


Who is your Mediator?

Keith is an experienced litigation and dispute resolution solicitor with particular experience in business disputes, will disputes and land disputes. He is an accredited Mediator (since 2007).

He has conducted hundreds of cases and will challenge and encourage the parties to find a means of resolving the dispute.

Keith chooses to mediate because he knows that Mediation is often a better method of resolving a dispute than litigation. He’s litigated long enough to know. He’s been involved in mediations for almost twenty years.

Keith is based in Yorkshire but mediates nationally. Contact him today to discuss mediation and help yourself to the information and documents here.

Keith is also a member of the Civil Mediation Council

CMC member

Example of Disputes Suited for Mediation

  • Inheritance and contested wills cases
  • Land/Property including boundary disputes and rights of way
  • Professional Negligence
  • Partnership and shareholder Disputes

(This list is not exclusive)

Contact us for all the expertise and support you need when things go wrong.

Keith Hardington

Keith Hardington

[email protected]


I would highly recommend Keith as a mediator. He was able to grasp the key issues of the case very quickly and was understanding to both parties points of view. Keith was especially patient with the clients and clearly explained the mediation process and their key role in it. He was also willing to push the lawyers into a collaborative approach in resolving a key issue that was forming a roadblock to settlement. This willingness to “think outside the box” to prevent the settlement from stalling was very impressive.
Solicitor, London
Your approach to this very emotive and sensitive case was instrumental in securing a settlement which all parties could live with.
Solicitor, Derbyshire