Author: Keith Hardington

Management Buyout

Management buyouts

13:40 30 October in News by Keith Hardington

Management buyouts: a quick guide for the management team looking to buy-in The senior management team are the backbone of every business: they provide the vision, support and safeguarding needed for effective and efficient operation.  But if you dream of becoming the boss, do you have...

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Dentist Chair

Big scary bills come from the litigators, the fighters. They will try to mitigate your losses. The lawyer that creates value for a business is the builder. The builder is working carefully behind the scenes to protect the interests of your business and help avoid...

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Why do you have terms of business? Why bother documenting your privacy policy on your website? Why bother recording any kind of contract terms? I practice commercial law and therefore in learning about my clients’ businesses and their objectives when instructing me. I also practice commercial...

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